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Bars & Beams is excited to join in the KSD family and will offer classes specifically designed for recreational acrobats, gymnasts, and tumblers. Boys & girls ages 2-11 are invited to come join in the fun! As needs grow, so will we! Our classes will focus on basic skills development with bars, balance beams, and floor tumbling/exercises. As a student progresses, so does their individual plan and class structure. Our youngest students will enjoy an introductory class focusing on motor skills, developing coordination, balance, agility and physical confidence. As a student ages and advances in their training, muscle memory for correct technique with gymnastic, acrobatic, and tumbling tricks will be implemented. Strength and flexibility exercises are included, at all ages, that allow students to progress further and correctly. Our Bars and Beams technique training, along with diligence in strength and flexibility training enables students to acquire skills for gymnastics, acrobatics, and tumbling more quickly. Class sizes will be small to ensure proper attention to each individual student. 

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